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Kudos to SOCAP planners for bringing social media to the forefront of customer care and customer communications!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Kudos to SOCAP planners for bringing social media to the forefront of customer care and customer communications! It is time for social media and marketing to cross-over to the customer care world, and SOCAP delivered!  We were able to bring social media and marketing to a whole new level for the food, beverage and pharma industry at SOCAP (#symp09) this week.  Leading a panel this week at SOCAP (#symp09) on using social media for food and drug recalls, we also tweeted panel news from right there on stage.  We’ve been offering the industry social media and communications services for the last year, and industry leaders are beginning to explore the practical uses of social media as it relates to customer care and advocacy.  We are looking forward to many more conversations with our fellow SOCAP members through social media channels in the upcoming year… SOCAP launched a great social media party, and Academic Network was happy to help lead the first dance!

What if the Peanut Industry Had Used Social Media to Monitor & Engage Consumer Discussions?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Academic Network Leads Social Media Panel Today at SOCAP International Symposium: Social Media is Here to Stay so Companies Need to Prepare to Engage Consumers Online

April 21, 2009 (Chicago) —What if the US peanut industry – and the hordes of products and companies impacted by the recent recall — had used the power of the social media to both monitor online activity and engage consumers in discussions and build relationships? Academic Network, a Stericycle company, today led food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies in a panel discussion at SOCAP International Symposium about preparing companies and employees to engage in social media, a phenomenon that’s here to stay according to panelists.

As consumers flood online to research recent food industry recall issues, conversations are springing up all over the web. Consumers are sharing information – ideas, stories, and experiences – about food and drug recalls, diet, and healthy lifestyles. Forward-thinking companies are beginning to look not only at how their brands are reflected, but how their products are being talked about within online communities.

“Companies need to build online relationships with consumers and customers long before a recall or crisis hits,” says Janet Lee Johnson, senior online strategist, Academic Network, a Stericycle company and SOCAP panelist. “There will be more recalls in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Companies need to anticipate by building online consumer relationships now so when the inevitable happens they can engage another channel of communications and branding — social media.”

Academic Network advises companies getting into social media for the first time to “walk don’t run” when readying for a social media initiative:

♦ Have an established social media policy for your organization – if you do nothing else

♦ Approach social media strategically – have a plan; develop with your media, marketing, pr, consumer affairs, web and online teams

♦ Be sure you have an online listening strategy and don’t be afraid of it – listen in on relevant blogs, websites, Twitter ( Facebook ( and more

♦ Bring bloggers and tweeters into corporate media relations outreach – more and more consumers are listening and reading online

♦ Actively engage in discussions online as part of consumer relations, communications and branding strategy

Academic Network, a Stericycle company, and award-winning medical and health communications firm, is now offering services to help clients practice safe, protected consumer engagement in the growing world of Health 2.0 — the use of social media for collaboration between patients, caregivers, medical professionals and other stakeholders. Because the trend toward Health 2.0 is growing so rapidly, Academic Network has started utilizing social media platforms to gather consumer information on new products, recruit patients for clinical trials and help clients successfully build, monitor, manage and track their online reputation as they engage with consumers online.

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Social Media and National Security

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This link explores the development of a social media strategy to address national security.

Academic Network at SOCAP International Symposium – Update

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Discover the value of our health and consumer affairs expertise during the SOCAP International Symposium, held at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, in Chicago, Illinois on April 19-22, 2009. Come visit us at booth 12 to learn about our diverse range of services. As a new division of Stericycle, our capabilities have expanded from consumer support and education to providing a full range of outsourcing services to better support a recall or retrieval for your product.

On Tuesday, April 21, from 2:30-3:45pm in room Renaissance D, we present Leveraging Social Media in Product Recalls, a panel moderated by internationally recognized speaker David McCarron, M.D. Leading executives in social media communications and consumer affairs explore the power of social media to manage your company’s image and product reputation during a recall.

Panelists include:

David McCarron, MD, FACP
Co-founder, Academic Network, a Stericycle company
Janet Johnson

Senior Online Strategist, Academic Network, a Stericycle company
Mia Novic

Sales Director, Pharma/Healthcare, Nielsen Online
Chris Gidez
Senior Vice President, U.S. Director, Risk Management/Crisis Communications, Hill & Knowlton
Linnea Johnson

Director, Unilever Consumer Services

We are also accessible via company search at and Follow our tweets at SOCAP! We hope to see you at the meeting.

Social Media Presentation at SOCAP International Symposium – April 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

On April 21, Academic Network, a Stericycle Company, presents Leveraging Social Media in Product Recalls, a panel at the SOCAP International Symposium in Chicago. Top names in the corporate social media movement — Chris Gidez of Hill & Knowlton, Mia Novic of Nielsen Online, and Linnea Johnson of Unilever — join Janet Johnson and Dr. David McCarron of Academic Network for this presentation. Panelists discuss how to use online forums, including blogs, Facebook and Twitter, to gather up-to-the minute consumer information surrounding a product recall (such as the peanut butter recall) and explore innovative strategies to manage timely and effective corporate response. Academic Network is poised at the forefront of this communications revolution, and we look forward to a lively and informed discussion.