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Academic Network

Health and Medical Strategic Planning

Academic Network's unique experience in medicine, nutrition, consumer and professional education, and government policy, combined with our access to medical and health experts around the world, provide the medical and strategic planning expertise your company needs to meet the demands of your marketplace. Academic Network's senior medical staff and partners are internationally recognized scientists and industry leaders experienced in consulting on the major health issues that affect your business.

Medical & Health Consulting

Academic Network's senior medical staff and network of medical professionals are internationally recognized physicians and research scientists who can provide consulting on major health and medical issues that may affect your business. Our consulting services offer the combined expertise of academic scientists, communication experts and technical writers, all with broad experience in consumer affairs. They provide your company's strategic leadership with the breadth of scientific and medical expertise to assure that business strategies and communication programs are properly targeted and have the competitive knowledge they need to be successful.

Medical Advisors & Advisory Boards

Provision of product-specific medical advisors and advisory boards is a unique service of Academic Network. With extensive experience in both private and public sectors of medicine and health care, Academic Network has established associations with an international network of medical and nutritional experts who can be called on to serve as advisors, either individually or as a group, to our clients' health-related products and their promotional programs.

Medical advisory boards can be established to work with and for our clients to develop new products or new positioning, provide communication programs, support health claims, enhance public relations campaigns, foster marketing relationships, acquire endorsements of national health organizations and satisfy regulatory agency requirements.

Technical Writing

Academic Network provides technical writing assistance for our clients to create efficient and customer-friendly print materials, clinical trial recruitment screening tools, website content and scientific presentation and manuscripts for publication in the medical literature.

Virtual Office of Medical Affairs

Academic Network has developed, implemented and managed combinations of these Health and Medical Strategic Planning services to create - in essence - a virtual Office of Medical Affairs for clients. Such a virtual office allows clients with insufficient in-house expertise to access the comprehensive services needed to introduce a new product or service from its conception to it introduction in the marketplace.